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Town leaders battle beach erosion

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WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WECT) - The erosion along Wrightsville Beach is so bad, town leaders plan to take action next week to fix some of the damage.

There are some pretty steep drop offs along the beach, making it difficult for people to walk from the shore to the dunes.

The beach isn't due for renourishment until the spring of 2014.

Wrightsville Beach is on a four-year cycle for renourishment.

Town Manager Tim Owens said the problem usually can fix itself, with people walking on the beach and stomping down the sand.

However, he said the issue is worse than he thought. Because of that, the town will have crews take a closer look on Monday to see if some machinery needs to be brought in to help alleviate the issue.

"It's a struggle to get up and down, particularly if you're older," he said. "So, it's needed. It's just a matter of doing it in a timely fashion and at a reasonable price."

Owens said they also have to take into consideration that its turtle nesting season and they don't want to disrupt that.

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