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Mt. Juliet nurse among group helping girl run with prosthesis


The combination of modern medicine and extraordinary human compassion has helped a little girl from Burma do something she never dreamed was possible: run.

Nu "Melody" Chaw Chaw was born with a club foot, but after three successful surgeries, she is now able to run and play with her friends.

"I saw this little precious girl over there, and I wanted to help her," said Mt. Juliet nurse Emily Webster.

Webster convinced Tri-Star Health Systems to perform the surgery, got another company to donate a prosthetic foot and spent a year pleading with the Burmese government to allow Melody come to the United States.

"It took a lot of time and a lot of money. It was very hard," Webster said.

It all paid off in December 2012, when Melody finally landed on U.S. soil.

"She adapted just like a duck in water. She loved coming here. She loved going shopping," Webster said.

Though she lost a foot, Melody gained a better life. With her prosthetic replacement, she can now do just about anything she wants.

"She said, 'Will I be able to run when I get home?' I told her, 'You can do anything you want to do. You're limitless at this point,'" said prosthetic specialist Terry Tate.

The first thing on the girl's agenda was to go shoe shopping.

"I can wear the really, really, really pretty shoes and the heel shoes, and I was enjoying that. And then I can walk one mile, and it was so awesome," she said.

Though her American host will be sad to see her go, she is also thankful her dream of doing something to help paid off.

"I will miss her, but she has a loving family back home that have their arms open waiting for her to run right into them. My greatest joy will be seeing her run into her parents' arms normally," Webster said.

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