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My Turn: Thanking our service men and women

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I don't think we can do enough to honor the dedicated men and women serving in our military.

This week in Wilmington we're seeing a great example of the community coming together to help out a local serviceman returning from war.

The volunteers have been transforming the home and backyard of Marine Captain Murphy who is now back from overseas and getting to see first-hand the fruits of their labor.

This is just a small, but meaningful, thank you to one person serving our country.  But it's also a good example of how we should all find a way to thank our active military folks as well as our veterans.

You can go out of the way to do a service project like this…or you could just simply say thank you.

The men and women who serve this country need to know we appreciate their efforts, big and small.  And I'm hopeful this project this week inspires some of you to do the same.

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