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UPDATE: 911 operator terminated for handling of call involving stabbing death

Corey Roberts (Source: New Hanover Sheriff's Office) Corey Roberts (Source: New Hanover Sheriff's Office)

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – Letha Anderson, a former 911 operator with New Hanover County, has been terminated for how she handled a call involving the stabbing death of a Wilmington father.

Wilmington Police were called to a residence around 6:45 p.m. Thursday, May 2. When they got there, they found Christopher Eugene Roberts, 52, had been stabbed. As a result, Corey Eugene Roberts, 20, was arrested at the family's home at 503 Night Hawk Drive.

A female called 911 and was in the middle of describing Roberts when she stopped mid-sentence to frantically say, "I think he stabbed my dad!" The victim was transported to New Hanover Regional Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

The dispatcher comes across as short and impatient with the panicked caller, who was reporting the incident, which first came in as an attempted suicide.

The following is part of the conversation between the dispatcher and the caller:

911: Tell me exactly what happened.
Caller: It's still happening. He is trying to kill himself! I need an ambulance now!
911: Miss Roberts, yelling at me is not helping. I'm asking…[inaudible]…sending the units. Answer my questions. How is trying to harm himself?
Caller: He's trying to stab himself.
911: Does he have a knife?
Caller : Yes.
911: How old is he?
Caller: He's 20.
911 : Who is he?
(The caller doesn't say anything – chaos can be heard in the background)
Caller: What happened?
911: Where is he at right now?
Caller: [inaudible]
911: I'm getting help! Ma'am! Listen! Miss Roberts! Stop! Somebody yelled…'help' to you. My asking questions is not delaying that, it's helping them! Ok, I understand that. Where is he at with the knife?
Caller: I don't know. He left the house.
911: Ok, you do know! He left the house. Did he leave on foot or did he leave in a car?!
Caller: He left on foot, but I don't know where he went.
911: What's he look like?!
Caller: He's African American. He's not very tall, about 5'7. He has, kind of like, not an afro, but I think he stabbed my dad! I think he stabbed by dad!
911: Ma'am, calm down for me. You're not helping anybody by being out of control. Where is your father?
Caller: [Crying, screaming]
911: Miss Roberts! Miss Roberts!
Caller: We need CPR! We need help!
911: Ma'am! Stop! Calm down! Ma'am, they're on the way! Who needs CPR?! Ma'am, can you hear me?

A motive into why Roberts allegedly killed his father has not been released.

Roberts made his first court appearance Friday morning, where he was given no bond.

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