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My Turn: Paying off local warlords

I'm sure you've heard stories or read emails from time to time about corrupt government situations. Sometimes it sounds so far-fetched it can't be possibly be true.  But it looks like the New York Times this week proved that even if it sounds unbelievable, it actually can be true!

Afghanistan leader Hamid Karzai basically confirmed that the CIA and other governmental groups have dropped "bags of cash" off at his office for years.  Nobody knows the exact amount but it's reported to be at least $300 thousand each month for a decade.  That's roughly $36 million.

Having a budget deficit in the billions might make this seem like a drop in the bucket, but imagine what could have been done with that taxpayer money right here in America.

Why is this happening?  The only explanations we have are to pay off and/or buy the loyalty of local warlords and for other activities considered "off the books." 

What bothers me most is to think that this money is probably ending up in the hands of those who are responsible for maiming and killing our soldiers in Afghanistan. 

And what's really sad about this is how the American public seems to quietly accept this as business as normal.  We should be outraged! 

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Emailed comments from viewers:

Can you imagine all the other pay offs that are happening around the world we aren't aware of? We can't support every country and buy everyone's loyalty, when so many of our citizens are struggling.

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