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ETX one-year-old stands at attention with her soldier father


Remmington Maxwell is a ‘Daddy's girl'. Her mother, Natalie Maxwell, says the two are inseparable. Still, she never expected her daughter to run to her father while he was standing at attention at the Tyler Armory.

"She saw him and I didn't even know it was him. She ran up to him and at first I thought she was going to get in trouble, or he was going to get in trouble, but he said no she can stay. So I took a picture of her really quickly then went and grabbed her," Maxwell says.

She says none of the servicemen or women even blinked an eye, "The families around were just snickering but the servicemen and women were really still and attentive and they didn't really say anything. I don't think they wanted to get in trouble."

Remmington's dad, Dustin Maxwell, is in the National Guard. He served in Iraq before Remmington was born. Maxwell says Remmington hasn't seen her dad in uniform that many times, so even he was surprised she picked him out.

The two play baseball, golf, and go fishing together. While not serving in the National Guard, Dustin Maxwell works in Houston. So his wife says every weekend is a special reunion for the father-daughter pair.

"He would always joke about how you can't tell who they are in their uniforms. So for her to go straight to him and know exactly who he is, he was really shocked," Maxwell says.

She says her daughter takes after her husband, "She's very independent, a lot like him. I think that's why they get along so well is because she has everything of him, everybody says they look just alike."

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