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You can watch locally-filmed movie 'Arthur Newman' this weekend

Colin Firth and Emily Blunt in 'Arthur Newman' (Source: Cinedigm) Colin Firth and Emily Blunt in 'Arthur Newman' (Source: Cinedigm)

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – A movie filmed in Wilmington will hit theaters here this weekend.

Arthur Newman, which stars Oscar-winning actor Colin Firth and Emily Blunt, will be on the big screen at Carmike Cinemas 16 in Wilmington starting Friday.

The movie follows a man (Firth) who, disappointed with his sub-par life, fakes his own death and assumes a new identity. While on the road, he meets a woman (Blunt) who is also fleeing from her own turmoil.

It's billed as a "cross-country odyssey of self-discovery and renewal."

Tager said the filmmakers picked Wilmington because of the incentives and it ended up exceeding expectations.

"When we were looking at the various states that offer rebates, we wanted to find the best crews and when we were talking about North Carolina, everyone was talking about the stages at Wilmington and the crews at Wilmington," Tager said. "It was crucial for us to have what everyone calls an 'A crew' because we had Colin Firth, Emily Blunt and Anne Heche."

She said the crew did not disappoint.

"We were so helped by the city and the locations and the crew, so that was fantastic," she said. "Also, just on the weekends, to be there, to have the variety, Colin and Emily loved it. The director loved it."

The film is being released in select theaters around the country.

Tager said when local audiences watch, they will see a lot of places they recognize.

The project filmed at local beaches, golf courses, private homes and motels.

"We loved being in Wilmington and that was an incredible part of the experience," she said.

About Arthur Newman opening here the same weekend that Iron Man 3, also filmed locally, opens, Tager said, "

"I think people should make a ‘we shot this in Wilmington weekend' special!" she joked. "I think they should go out and see both. They should absolutely go and see Iron Man, which shot there, and they should see our movie that shot there. Our movie has no special effects. Our movie is Wilmington."

Carmike 16 will play the movie starting on Friday. For movie showtimes, click here.

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