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My Turn: Reality stars are making headlines for bad behavior

I don't watch the shows, so I'm not that familiar with the players.

But, I've noticed that more and more reality stars seem to be making the news these days for bad behavior.

The latest happened just south of us in Myrtle Beach, where three "stars" of the show Myrtle Manor were charged with crimes over the weekend. This comes only weeks after the death of a young man in West Virginia who was the star of the MTV Show Buckwild.

And this area is not exempt from this.  A young lady from Brunswick County, who was the star of the Teen Mom 2 show on MTV, was arrested last week on drug charges.

There's a pattern here, and it's not good.

The fact is some people just don't adjust real well to the fame and fortune that comes with reality show exposure.  And shame on the television industry for putting them on TV in the first place.

At least MTV realized this and cancelled Buckwild.  Sadly, there are too many others out there waiting and willing to do stupid things to grab a chance at fame.  And more sadly, there are many more willing to watch.

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Emailed comments from viewers:

Cable/Satellite/regularTV they all have tons of these Reality shows...they are cheap to make and if they flood the airways so viewers will be forced to watch them. Some of them go back to back 24/7...i for one am tired of them and the morons they make into "stars" and am cancelling most of my Cable because of the lack of shows to watch the increase in commercials and the rise in cost of cable to bring the garbage to me...will eventually get rid of all TV.


You hit the nail right on the head.  As long as they have the reality shows that the news call these people stars!!! We will have to endure more of this crap.  I live on Oak Island and the majority of our residents cringe when ever this Jennel makes the news.  She is an immature teenager who  has no possibility and education to become a  responsible adult as long as she will not either get counseling or go back to school.  I don't if she ever graduated from High School.        


Just heard your editorial. Thank you for your opinion. I also feel that these reality shows are bad. Most of them lead to tragedies.  If we could stop watching them, then they would stop making them.

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