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Cost of Miller-Motte College nearly double UNCW

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Did you know that a year at Miller-Motte Technical College costs the average student almost twice as much as a year at UNCW?

That's the most surprising statistic we found when researching local colleges on College Scorecard. It's part of the website, with information put together by the US Department of Education to help students compare the cost of higher education.

We asked Miller-Motte why their institution cost so much more than local 4 year colleges. For starters – a spokesman said UNCW is a public school that gets public assistance to help them keep their costs down. Miller-Motte is private.

In general - we also know that providing hands-on technical training to students is more expensive than traditional classroom instruction out of a text book.

Still - the bottom line matters. Students at Miller-Motte are taking out substantial student loans to cover tuition.

The College Scorecard shows Miller-Motte has a 25% default rate, so 1 in 4 students there ultimately default on their student loans. It's a much higher default rate than any other local college we found on the list:

**Cape Fear Community College disputes the numbers provided by the, and says the data is misleading for other community colleges as well.

They say their annual tuition is $1172, including all student fees. What students are paying in living expenses outside of tuition may explain the discrepancy, but CFCC says the data is misleading.

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