A few examples of suspicious billing in our viewing area:

Nicole Croteau-Johnson, LPA
411 Chestnut Street, Wilmington

  • Johnson is being asked to repay the state $122,875
  • Auditors say they found mistakes in her patient charts including:
  • Lack of a referral form from an approved provider source
  • Lack of documentation for service provided
  • Service notes lack specific treatment goal

When we called Ms. Croteau Johnson for an explanation, she failed to return our call. When we went to her office in person, she said she couldn't talk to us because she was counseling patients. We again gave her our number, but she never called us back.

Eastern Psychiatric Assoc, PA
Former location: 3807 Peachtree Ave, Suite 101, Wilmington
Current location: 4320 Wrightsville Ave, Suite B, Wilmington

  • Provider associated with this address: Dr. Steven Bentsen, MD
  • Eastern Psychiatric Associates is being asked to repay the state $43,902
  • Auditors say provider failed to submit medical records to support dates of service billed.

Almost every time we called this office, we got an answering machine, and no return phone call responding to our message. We also visited Eastern Psychiatric Associates twice in person during regular business hours. Dr. Bensten wasn't there either time. The woman at the front desk said he doesn't talk to the press. She refused to tell us what his office hours were, or when the last time was that he was in the office.

MQA Support Services/Ahada Jones
4016 Shipyard Blvd (office now vacant)

  • This provider has been put on prepayment review by the state
  • Total paid for 6 month stint beginning in September 2011: $396,012
  • State paid $116,925 for 1619 hours of service in November 2011.
  • State paid $110,657 for 1450 hours of service in December 2011.

Officials at DHHS are not sure where Jones is now. They referred us to the website of a Texas mental health practice, where she appears to be working now.