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NHC Commissioners vote to censure Brian Berger

The New Hanover County Commissioners vote 4 to 1 to censure Brian Berger. The New Hanover County Commissioners vote 4 to 1 to censure Brian Berger.

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - At the New Hanover County Commission meeting Monday, commissioners voted four to one to censure Brian Berger.  Berger was the only opposed vote.

The board cited several reasons for the censure, including Berger's absence and tardiness to regularly scheduled meetings, his repeated criminal charges, his defamatory statements against county officials and residents, and his failure to pay back money owed to the county.

The commissioners then voted three to two to set an amotion hearing to remove Berger from the board.  Berger and Jonathan Barfield were the two opposing votes. Following the meeting he was served with a petition listing the allegations against him. They included claims that he,  


  • "Frequently speaks out about conspiracy theories that appear the product of a delusional mind, makes baseless and inflammatory allegations against others via written and verbal tirades, without any supporting evidence of the same"


  • "Drafts rambling and incoherent monologues that accuse county staff of discrimination and falsehoods, without any supporting evidence and continues to demand that County taxpayers provide him with the use of a credit card, and reimbursed expenses via cash payments that he is not entitled to by law"


  • Acted in a manner that caused the Board and County Manager to decide there was a need for increased security at the Government Center and commissioners meetings.

  • Acted in a manner that caused the Board to lose confidence in his ability to be a County Commissioner citing the following allegations:

- Numerous tardies and unexcused absences

- Multiple criminal charges

- Claims that Berger set off security alarms at the New Hanover County Government Center three different times. The petition goes on to claim documents which were left by Berger were stamped by the County Attorney's confidential stamp which is kept in the County Attorney's suite.  

- Claims that Berger gave a document to Governor McCrory, where he "slanders numerous leaders in the community including a sitting judge, the current Sheriff, past and present members of the New Hanover County Board of Commissioners and states, 'I am keenly aware that in the absence of intervention it is possible, if not likely, that it's only a matter of time before someone gets seriously wounded or murdered."

- Claims that Berger created a hostile work environment.

The amotion hearing is schedule for May 20 after the regularly scheduled commission meeting.

Berger released a statement contesting the resolution to censure him.

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