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Neighborhood files lawsuit against Carolina Beach

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WECT) – One neighborhood in Carolina Beach is down in the dumps over a trash problem.

The Homeowners Association from Carolina Beach Village is suing the town over plans to build a solid waste plant in their backyard.

For the past several months, folks in Carolina Beach Village have gathered hundreds of signatures on a petition – requesting the town council not approve a conditional use permit for the facility.

However, the town is moving forward with the plan.

Jackie Nagy has been living in Carolina Beach for nearly 10 years.

"We've already heard chipper shredders going and trucks backing up," said Nagy.  "Who wants that?"

Nagy is worried that her neighborhood could soon get a lot busier.

A proposed waste transfer station could include a trash compactor and garage facility in addition to recycling, parking, and a public works area.

After learning about the lawsuit, Mayor Bob Lewis says the town is considering other options, including moving the facility to an alternative location.

"We're going to move the facility to Dow Road so it's in an industrial zone and nobody can see it," said Lewis.

But that could still leave a maintenance facility in the Carolina Beach Village neighborhood.  Lewis says the town was put in a tough situation when the Sunny Point Military Terminal asked them to move their trash transfer station off their property.

But Nagy says the decision making process should be easy.

"They have land around the municipal building," said Nagy.  "I don't know why they can't take some of that land."

Mayor Lewis says he plans to call an emergency meeting next week to further discuss this issue with the rest of town council.

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