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Pro-gun control group keeps fighting, despite Senate's decision

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – Folks in the greater Wilmington area are reacting to the Senate's decision on Wednesday to block expanded background checks for gun purchases. 

Gun control laws have made national headlines for the past few weeks. Now, we're hearing local reaction on this nationwide debate.

Senate majority leader Harry Reid announced Thursday that the Senate will suspend work on the gun bill, after their decision on background checks.

One local pro-gun control group isn't ready to give up the fight for stricter gun laws.

David Walker presides over the "Carolinians for Sensible Gun Laws" group stationed in Wilmington.

Walker says they are disappointed with the Senate's decision.

Although they aren't against the Second Amendment, Walker says there's a need for tighter gun control.

After the tragic shootings at Newtown, CT last December, Walker says he's worried about a mass shooting happening around here.

"He shouldn't have had those guns," said Walker. "He shouldn't have had access to those guns, and look what happened. So, it's bound to happen again if we don't tighten things up and pass some sensible gun laws."

The Carolinians for Sensible Gun Laws will meet again next week to re-organize their group and reset their plans to continue their fight for stricter gun laws.

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