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Bullied teen speaks out, works to spread awareness

Emma says she got this message on Twitter Emma says she got this message on Twitter

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - One Pender County teen is speaking out against bullying after she says she was bullied for almost three years. Emma Kostro says many people don't realize what a large problem bullying is, and something needs to be done.

She says she started getting threatening messages three years ago.

"She started sending messages threatening to kill me," explained Kostro. This year, the Topsail High School freshman says it got even worse.

"She would tell me I should kill myself," said Kostro. "That people were going to come up to my door or during class she was going to run in with a gun, just repeatedly telling me that she was going to kill me.

Emma says she told a school resource officer who helped her file a restraining order against the girl causing her problems.

"I feel better," she says, but adds that the problem is far from over. She says many of her friends at Topsail High School are also dealing with the issue.

"A lot of my friends are getting bullied," said Kostro. "I mean you go to school to learn and it's hard to concentrate when there are people screaming at you and following you around."

She says at first she didn't know what to do, but is glad she told the resource officer. Now, she's urging her friends to speak out as well.

"I mean if you are getting bullied talk to your family, tell someone and do something about it, because it could escalate to something you would never think."

She's hoping to get them the help they need, and let everyone know what a big problem bully is, so it finally comes to an end.

Pender County Schools sent wect.com the following message about bullying in school:

The Pender County Board of Education strives to create a safe and orderly learning environment and does not tolerate bullying in any of its educational activities or programs. Policies prohibiting bullying are in place and the Board adopted a resolution against bullying on February 4, 2013 - http://www.pendercountyschools.net/cms/One.aspx?portalId=3727476&pageId=17850103. .  

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