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CFCC: $600,000 needed to fix mold problem in building on campus

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Cape Fear Community College is asking New Hanover County for $600,000 to fix a mold problem in one of the buildings on campus.

The ground floor of McLeod building has a serious mold and mildew problem. Some employees from the building have been moved to temporary mobile units.

David Hardin, CFCC spokesperson, said the building is still safe for students and classes since the mold problem is contained to the bottom floor.

However, repairs are needed immediately to prevent the problem from getting worse.

"It's a major building," said Hardin. "It's on the ground floor so it's important we can get this problem fixed correctly and don't put a band-aid on it. We want it fixed the right way. It affects the air handling for the entire building so we need a new air conditioning unit."

The $600,000 would pay for to replace walls, doors, the floor and ceiling in the bottom floor.

The college is also requesting $47,781 to replace two hot water boilers in the building.

According to a letter from the president of the college, Ted Spring, to county commissioners, at times, flames are shooting out of the boilers, creating a dangerous and "libelous" situation for technicians working in the area.

Under state law, counties have to foot the bill to replace or repair community college buildings.

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