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TORNADO WATCH: What to expect

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What to expect with this morning's storm – Colin Hackman breaks it down: 

Showers and thunderstorms – for sure.  Some of these storms may even increase to severe parameters – mainly due to straight line winds (58mph+).  An isolated tornado is also not out of the question – particularly toward our north in the Raleigh Durham area.

It's important to note, that in spite of the scary looking radar, there have been few warnings in the southeastern United States as of 3:30 am.  This may change - but as predicted, the lack of instability is helping to somewhat guard against seeing the same intensity with this storm as states to our west experienced.  As the line moves eastward I think the threat for severe weather actually drops – specifically as this line interacts with the very stable marine layer near the coastal population centers of eastern North Carolina (Wilmington, Leland, and Southport).

On the broad scale this is indeed a small threat – but a threat none the less.

Timing: Ahead of the line some thunderstorms are developing.  These will move west to east through our area first over the next few hours.  The squall line itself will move through (again west to east) from 5:00 AM though 8:00AM. 

After the line there will be some chances for residual showers and thunderstorms throughout the morning - but conditions will actually be borderline for outdoor activities.  While there will continue to be a slight chance for severe weather in coastal locations, look for things will be clearing up about the time tonight's Azalea Festival concert is set to begin. 

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