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My Turn: Firing Rutgers' AD to cost more than $1.2 million

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I sure wouldn't want to be a taxpayer in New Jersey right now.

I was a bit surprised to learn that Rutgers University's move to fire its athletic director is going to cost the school in excess of $1.2 million.

The former AD, Tim Pernetti, received his due for his failed leadership concerning the abusive antics of fired coach Mike Rice.  But even though Pernetti was very deserving of this termination, he's banking over a million dollars to leave the university. 

He also gets to keep his car allowance through next summer. And, get this, his health insurance and pension payments through October, 2015.  I can't believe the university actually agreed to this.

Now, I understand this is how business is done.  Both sides agree to clam up and walk away without taking one another to court. But that doesn't make it right.  Rutgers is a publicly funded institution and this is taxpayer money.  

They shouldn't have to foot the bill for this embarrassing episode. What's happened here is the AD was rewarded with a wonderful golden parachute after university officials finally determined he failed to do his job correctly.  That's just not right.

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