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School bus accident prompts ETX teenager to act quickly


 Rusk High School freshman Blayke Holsome says he thought of his bus driver's family during Tuesday's accident.

"I knew him and his family and I said, ‘his family, they can't go through this.'"

Rusk ISD officials say the bus driver had a medical emergency while driving students to school.

They say, luckily, the bus was moving slowly in an apartment complex parking lot when the incident happened.

"There was a big boom! I didn't think anything of it at first," says 15-year-old Holsome.

He then realized he had to act quickly, "I ran to the front of the bus, put the bus in neutral, removed his leg from the pedal, and put it into park."

"The bus in front of us was going crazy on the radio and I said, ‘Calm down.' And it got quiet and I just told him, ‘The driver is down, we've hit another bus, and we need paramedics.'""

No students were injured. After everyone was off the bus, Holsome saw how serious the drivers condition was.

"Somebody reached down and touched his pulse and then it was like a big gasp and that moment for me, I was like, ok they've got to hurry up."

Rusk ISD Superintendent Dr. Scott Davis says the driver was taken to a Dallas hospital.

"He's a part of our team, he's a part of our family and so our hearts are definitely with he and his wife."

Davis says Tuesday's series of events was a miracle. He and his children almost drove Holsome to school this morning, and there's another twist.

"It was kind of strange because the bus that we had hit normally comes in behind us," Holsome says.

Holsome and Davis agree that those two things are no coincidence. Holsome thanks God for helping him stay calm so he could help others.

Holsome credits his father for teaching him about cars. He says that's how he knew how to put the bus in neutral and apply the parking break.

The driver of the bus is still being treated at a Dallas hospital. Rusk ISD officials are not releasing his name yet.

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