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My Turn: 'Power' shoe is on the other foot, but results are the same

The thing that's interesting about "power" is that you just never quite know for sure how someone is going to act with it once they've got it.  But one thing that's proven itself over and over is when politicians get power, they don't always spend it wisely.

We've seen that for years with Democrats in our General Assembly, but now the shoe is on the other foot and the Republicans are not acting any differently. 

In the last several days we've talked about resolutions or bills that would let the state declare its own religion; keep parents from claiming their children as dependents if they're away at college and decide they want to vote at school; and another bill would force couples bound for divorce to stay married for two years. 

This state has some challenges and Republicans promised to right the ship.  I thought they were going to fix our tax code and improve education.  This stuff is just noise that continually keeps our wheels spinning.

I don't know about you, but so far, I'm disappointed.  They've got the all the power they need in Raleigh right now.  I sure wish they'd do something positive with it.

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Emailed comments from viewers:

I too am upset at the way we elect the people both for the local and state government to do what we think is right for the whole and all we get is them up there wasting more of our tax money on useless unhelpful legislation. So where do our children get their education when the government is finished with cutting everything except the amount of our tax money they line their own pockets with.


Mr. McNair, I greatly appreciated your commentary regarding the more often than not outrageous workings going on with the GOP dominated NC legislature. They are hell-bent on dismantling all that's good about NC. I can already feel the ulcers ripping up my stomach! "Absolute power corrupts absolutely" should be the new state slogan, although it may be a bit long for our license plates. While we're stuck with McCrory for four years, it's not too early to begin working on cutting him off at the knees by returning one or both bodies of the legislature back to Democratic control. A prime example of what's in play is the treatment of our environment especially as it regards our coast. Which ever party you may be partial to, no one can deny that the Democrats have guarded this precious resource with diligence. The GOP plans on cashing in using our coast however they please regardless of the long-term consequences.I feel like the Indian from TV decades ago who turns towards the camera displaying a tear in his eye. Please keep your audience aware of each & every disaster in the making as all we've seen yet is the tip of the iceberg. I shudder when I consider what is not yet in the pipeline. I must decide whether to stay put & fight, or begin packing my bags for a destination where sanity prevails. When I add consideration of( The US congress being completely dysfunctional, my ultimate destination may exclude North America entirely. I certainly hope not.


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