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Public opinion wanted on Wilmington Food Truck regulations

WILMINGTON, NC - (WECT) - A public input meeting will be held April 10 at 9:00 a.m. to get the public's opinion on food truck regulations in Wilmington. 

James Smith, the owner of the Patty Wagon, a Wilmington area food truck, is pushing for the change in code. Smith recently found out he was violating city code by setting up shop downtown.

Now, in order to park downtown, he has to apply for a permit which lets him to set up for two weekends in a row. He then must wait another 45 days to apply for another permit to set up again. Smith wants the regulations to change so that it would be easier for food trucks to be downtown.

"The regulations would free us up to be able to operate within the city without so much unneeded red tape," said Smith.  He is suggesting a model that is similar to the one in Raleigh. It lets food trucks set up on private property anytime, as long as they maintain a certain distance from open restaurants.

Smith is encouraging those who are interested in this issue to come speak at the public meeting on April 10.

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