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My Turn: Rutgers' coach Mike Rice's abusive behavior is disgusting

Here we go again.  Another college coach's improprieties got a "hand slap" when he should have been hastily shown the door.  Why?

Money.  It's what college sports have become.  And when the protection of that money trumps doing the right thing, you get bad judgment.

The video of former Rutgers' coach Mike Rice's abusive behavior is disgusting.  It harkens back to the Bobby Knight days at Indiana.  He finally got his due.  But look where he is now.  He works as an analyst for ESPN and gets big bucks for speaking engagements. Incidentally, he's not commenting on this situation.

But I digress.  Here's something to consider in all this that may prove my point.  This behavior was being investigated by the university in the fall of last year.  And Rutgers was invited to join the prestigious Big 10 Conference in November.  I've got to believe that was an influencing factor.  Rutgers University didn't want this situation, or anything else, to spoil that opportunity.  So they downplayed the severity and the punishment. 

If Coach Rice had been terminated last fall, that could have been the end of it.  But now it's going to involve more people and the reputation of the university.

I'd like to think we've had enough of these "lessons" to insure it doesn't happen again.  But sadly, I'm not all that hopeful.      

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Emailed comments by viewers:

I'm not condoning abuse of anyone, but was the physical the catalyst here or the use of a gay slur? I bring that up to remember the days of Bear Bryant and The Junction Boys. I believe only 35 or so survived that ordeal and to a man they stood tall and proud of the abuse they went through, for the honor of proving they could and wanting to play for a particular school. And I'm sure there were some derogatory names thrown their way.

We see people throw out Redneck, Hick, Yankee, Indian and other classifying names and no one gets in an uproar about it, BUT, let that gay slur roll out and by God a travesty is committed. Sure hope no one gets hurt in kick boxing or cage fighting and pray no GAYS join those leagues or that sport will be killed.

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