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Behind the Scenes: Should James Holmes get the death penalty?

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+ Deadly fire in Brunswick County.  Craig Reck is trying to find out the latest on the victim.

+Major mold at CFCC – Workers found mold in the McLeod building at Cape Fear Community College and it's going to cost more than a quarter million dollars to fix.  We'll tell you where students and teachers have been moved.


+ Criminal kids?  Two middle schoolers tried to plot to rape and kill a fellow classmate.  They got busted, but find out how close they were to pulling it off. 

+And do you like deals?  Like daily deal offers?  Nikki Bussey is going to tell us which ones are good and which ones re busts. 

+James Holmes, the accused shooter in the Aurora, Colorado, movie theater shooting will have to wait a while for trial.  Since prosecutors want the death penalty, the judge pushed back the trial from August to February. 

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