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Mom accused of murder sent to psych clinic

Camilia Terry Camilia Terry

We've learned of a new twist in the case of a mother charged with killing her toddler, a mother who is also a recent victim of a jailhouse scam.

Camilia Terry has just been sent to a psych clinic, and this time her lawyers asked for it, not another inmate.

Doctors will try to find out two things: Is Camilia Terry competent to stand trial?  And what about at the time of the crime, was she sane?

Cleveland Police say last November Terry killed her 3 year old son, Emilliano Terry.

Police say she threw him in the trash.

Terry's lawyers have asked mental health doctors to look inside her mind. It wouldn't be so unusual, except for what happened a few weeks ago.

The court got a document requesting a psych exam for Camilia Terry, it even appeared to have her signature, but Terry found out about that from watching 19 Action News.

The court says that first request for a psych exam came from an inmate at a state prison and that Terry didn't know anything about it.

So far Terry has plead not guilty to the charges.

Can she plead not guilty because she was insane? We may soon find out.

This time it's her defense team that wants to know, not some 'jailhouse' lawyer.

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