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Sunrise service brings hundreds to Wrightsville Beach

Sunrise service brings hundreds to Wrightsville Beach Sunrise service brings hundreds to Wrightsville Beach

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, NC (WECT) - Hundreds of people came to Wrightsville Beach bright and early Sunday morning to celebrate Easter during an annual sunrise service.

"You come over in the dark, and the sunrise is during the service it's just like your spirit lifts," said Karen Traina. With the dim light of the moon leading the way, she joined many other people bundled up in sweatshirts and blankets and found a spot in the sand at Wrightsville Beach.

"You get this many people out here on a cold morning like this," said Sean Bernhardt. "It just kind of puts everything in perspective." Six different congregations came together to celebrate at Access 19.

"It's something you don't get in a church," said Bernhardt. "Being out here with all of these people, it just puts a whole different feel to it." Like many others at the service, Bernhardt has been trading in a pew for a beach chair, and coming to the service for years.

"It's part of our Easter tradition," he said.

New Jersey native Sally Bringard agrees, she used to come with her parents. "They would come down from Jersey and visit us for Easter and they would spend it with us here," recalled Bringard. "My dad is no longer with us, and my mom is ill and in Jersey, so being here, it takes me back home."

As she comes to keep the memories alive, other families are creating new traditions, one mom says she wanted her kids to understand Easter is about more than just the Easter bunny.

Another Sunrise service took place at Access 4.

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