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WEATHER: We're going streaking!

This is getting a bit ridiculous don't you think?  Not just the feel of the afternoon cool temperatures, but take a look at the numbers. 

Today will be the eighth day in a row of below normal temperatures.  Nine and ten are highly likely as well as we go into Friday and Saturday. That by itself is unusual.   

In fact today, with highs pushing toward the mid 50s, it won't feel all that bad out of the wind and that just goes to show how out of touch we are with normal temperatures.  Usually on this day in March our high temperature hits 70F.  70F!

While it can't stay cold forever, March is going to go down on paper as a colder than normal month.  So far this month only five days have our average temperatures been above normal.   

This will start to change as we move into the weekend as high pressure to our west transitions off of the Atlantic coast.  This will allow a ridge to build with temperatures moving into the mid 60s (still below normal) on Saturday getting to 68F by Sunday.  Monday some morning rain chances will accompany highs in the upper 60s.

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