Local spots to watch for when 'Revolution' returns tonight

'Revolution' returns tonight
'Revolution' returns tonight

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Revolution is shining a spotlight on local landmarks.

The show has been filming all over our area since last summer. When the second half of the season starts, watch out for some of these spots:

Water Street

While filming earlier this month, Giancarlo Esposito, Tim Guinee and Billy Burke were spotted on the street.

According to the film permit, one of the scenes shot on Water Street involves a character watching a clandestine meeting between two other characters on a busy street.

Another scene on Water Street involves a helicopter; the other scene includes an electric car.

North Fourth Street Bridge

Hundreds of extras were involved in this shoot. According to a film permit, heroes will enter the "gates of Atlanta" and panicked residents will flee the city.

Blue Post Billiards

In a scene shot inside the downtown Wilmington bar, a character has altercation with pickpocket.

The old Naval Reserve Center near Greenfield Lake, the old Lakeside School and the old Wilmington Fire Department Training Tower serve as the interior and exterior of the rebel base camp.

The old County Courthouse downtown is the scene of an assassination attempt on one of the characters.

The Monroe Republic flag flew high over the city, when crews turned to the Pender County town for filming.

Our cameras also spotted several rusted out cars on the streets there.

The scene involved a lot of extras.

To find out what one of the show's stars is revealing about what you can expect during the second half of the season, check out this story.

And when Revolution returns tonight, be sure to look out for not only the places, but the faces you may know, as the production has hired many local extras to participate in the show.

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