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New shop in Wilmington selling wine ice cream

Wine ice cream at Fermental. Wine ice cream at Fermental.

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – If you like ice cream and wine, a new shop in Wilmington has a treat for you.

Fermental, a beer and wine store that recently opened on Market Street in Ogden, is selling wine ice cream.

It comes from Mercer's, a dairy farm in upstate New York.

Fermental is the only store in North Carolina offering the adult ice cream.

Because of its alcohol content, you have to be 21 to buy it.

"It tastes very good," said store owner Steve Gibbs. "The funny thing about them is they're a dairy and they make ice cream first and foremost. They aren't just doing this as a gimmick. They make very good ice cream and this happens to have wine in it."

Fermental is also selling "hop pickles" which are made with Dogfish Head IPA.

About the offerings, Gibbs said "I think we are a little different. We're a little eclectic. You're going to find things you can't find elsewhere."

The store has an on premise permit, which means that customers can sip while they shop.

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