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My Turn: School safety won't be fool-proof

As much as I'd like to hope it's the case, there's not a whole lot more we can do to prevent someone from committing an atrocious act like what took place last year at Sandy Hook Elementary.

But I like the fact that leaders in our region are starting to meet and discuss school safety.  I think any attention given to how we operate locally is a good thing.  Hopefully they'll make sure they have all bases covered and maybe even find ways to strengthen their plan.

But fool-proof?  I don't think that's possible.  And that's why I hope to hear some common sense coming from our leaders when discussing security measures for our children.

I also think we should be wary of any politician who makes the blanket statement that there should be no limit on the dollars spent to help keep our children safe.

Sure there is. That's why we elect these folks -to make the hard decisions on how to best spend taxpayer money. Not to foolishly throw dollars at a situation that may not actually give us the intended results. 

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Emailed comments from viewers:

I thought it strange today as I sat outside the front of Ashley HS waiting to pick my daughter up to watch 2 separate incidents of adults being allowed in the locked side entrances.  I assume a student probably let them in. 

Also, the ROTC door was propped open. 
Clearly we, as "concerned citizens", are fooling ourselves to think our schools locally are keeping our children secure.


Having a child in this school district, I received a phone call survey asking me about spending the money for security at the schools. I agree that changes need to be made, but do not feel the right approach is being taken. Before we go off spending millions of dollars, a few other things should be addressed.

After the last school shooting, everyone went back into panic mode reviewing their schools procedures. I think that some really important questions have been missed in considering if our schools are safe. How was it that none of the other staff members noticed that the teacher had not arrived, not only that but there was someone else in the classroom? Shouldn't that be something the principle was aware of  or even the other teachers of the same grade? And how was this person let in the school? One thing i always remember from a young age is the buddy system. Shouldn't the teachers be doing that same thing as they teach? There are simple procedures that could be put into place, to make it safer for everyone involved, before we take away money from other school activities or raise taxes.

God forbid, if something ever happened  in another school, here or anywhere else, but with that said, What is one armed person going to do? I cannot put faith in that 1 person to negotiate for my child's life. So why is the solution taking funding away from other import programs that help with children's mental growth. For a scare tactic? Because the only people I fear it will scare is the children.

That's my two cents on the subject! Fix the procedures.. Don't throw money at the problem


I am glad that they are talking about school saftey now for are kids but it is ashame that something happen like it did in new town. Now are leaders step up to do something they should have cracked down on saftey I know we can not help what happens but innocent lifes were lost and you cannot get that back.

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