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My Turn: Using the Catholic Church's approach for making tough decisions

I know the Catholic Church has had its share of problems lately, but when it comes to achieving consensus among its leaders and making tough decisions, it wins the prize. 

Maybe the United States Congress needs to pay attention here.  The Catholic's process for choosing a Pope is brilliant and it just might work for solving our country's financial woes. 

Let's just lock the president, senators and representatives in one room.  Take away their phones and any contact with the outside world.  Don't let them leave.  We can send in food and water, and they can sleep on cots if necessary. 

Can you imagine this?  These folks don't even like to stay in the same town with each other, let alone in a single room.  This would certainly force them to get the work done and get us on an improvement plan.  Then they'd be free to leave until they have another impasse.

I've got one more idea for this conclave.  We can have a chimney installed on the U.S. Capitol so they could even signal us when they've reached agreement by sending up a cloud of purple smoke, showing a blending of our red and blue states.

That's my turn. Now it's your turn. To comment on this segment, or anything else, email me at


Emailed comments from viewers:

liked the Churchill quote!


That is brilliant.  I enjoy and agree with most of your opinions.  Thanks


I like your idea, but I think an improvement would be to throw away the key after they are locked in, then just start over from scratch.


Nice Job Tonight, Gary.... on the editorial and clever idea about locking the D.C. politicos in the same room like Catholics do with their folks to pick a Pope.

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