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Animal Shelter makes adjustments following failed inspection

35 containers were purchased for pet food 35 containers were purchased for pet food
Holes in indoor kennels were patched Holes in indoor kennels were patched

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - From sealing up containers of food, to patching up holes, The manager of the Pender County Animal shelter says they are working to make sure they don't fail their inspection again. first reported last week that the Burgaw shelter failed the state inspection for a variety of reasons, including leaving cats in traps with no kitty litter for several days and having holes in dog kennels.

"It's trial and error," said Darlene Clewis, the shelter manager. "We'll move past this like we always do. I've been here 17 years and this is not the first failed inspection I've been through."

The inspector found dogs sticking their feet out and urinating through small holes in the indoor kennels. Clewis says the holes were from old water spouts and had been there 10 years. Now she says they are being sealed up.

"It is an issue of cross contamination and we are fixing those," said Clewis.

The shelter was also cited for keeping two cats in a trap for several days with no litter pan. Clewis explains the cats came in on a Friday, when a new employee was working. She says the trap was above the ground, meaning the cats were not sitting in waste.

"We do have a person that's in training and that's one of the things that we are training her on," said Clewis. "To put those cats in a bigger cage."

Another issues was pet food that was found scattered in an outdoor storage room. Clewis says all food from broken bags in now placed in a sealed container. The report also noted 18 cats were given no medical treatment and then euthanized. Clewis says if she waited for the antibiotics to start working, the cats could have contaminated healthy cats in the next room. She also says she would have run out of space, since many new cats are brought into the shelter each day.

"I thought that was the right decision for our shelter," said Clewis.

According to the inspection report, the shelter will be re-inspected on March 25.

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