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Mt. Juliet mother murdered in Florida


A Middle Tennessee mom who had moved to Florida to start a new life has died after a bizarre set of circumstances.

Now Felicia Vickers' family left behind in Mt. Juliet is trying to make sense of it all.

Police said Vickers was shot and killed Friday in St. Petersburg when a passenger in the car she was riding got into an argument with a man on the street.

That man pulled out a pistol and fired into the car, hitting Vickers in the head.

Vickers' brother, Zachary Vickers, said the move to St. Petersburg was a chance to start over. "She just wanted to get away from everything up here and hopefully get into a new community of friends down there instead of the ones she was into up here."

With her 5-year-old child left with his grandparents, Felicia Vickers and her new boyfriend moved just two months ago. "She seemed to be doing fine for awhile," according to Zachary Vickers.

But Zachary Vickers said that new life ended abruptly early Friday. "Her and some friends were out and a friend got out of the car, her and her boyfriend were in the backseat, to talk to some other guy. They got into an argument. The other guy pulled a gun and tried to shoot that man and missed and the bullet strayed off and hit my sister in the back of the head while she was sitting in the back of the car."

According to police, the driver and the man who got into the argument dropped Vickers and her boyfriend off at the Bayfront Medical Center, then sped off. Felicia Vickers was dying.

Those two and the car were later found by police.

The identity and whereabouts of the man who shot Felicia Vickers is still unknown.

Now her family has even more to worry about. "For the airline ticket, embalming and everything that they have to do down there," Zachary Vickers said.

All of that costs money. And that's where the family's church stepped in. On Sunday, members of Global Vision Bible Church opened their hearts and their wallets to help pay those costs.

"Thanks everybody that's helped in anyway possible, not even money but their concern," Zachary Vickers said.

Felicia Vickers was an organ donor and the family said they were happy to hear that her liver was used to help save another life.

If you'd like to help the Vickers family, the Global Vision Bible Church is handling donations for them.

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