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Pender residents fire back against proposed shooting range

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Angry residents in Pender County are firing back against a proposed shooting range that a developer wants to build in the town of Currie.

Dozens of folks spent their Saturday at an organizational community meeting for everyone opposed to this outdoor firing range.

The group Alastar, TDSC (tactics defense security and consulting) wants to build a training center off Highway 210 in Currie.

The group would need a special use permit from the County before they break ground.

The proposed facility would allow people to shoot up to 400 rounds of ammunition on any given day, evenings and weekends included. 

The thought of constant gunfire in the neighborhood has a lot of people fired up.  Kenneth Keith has lived in Pender County for nearly 30 years.

"All they're bringing is noise and recreation for somebody else," said Keith.  "That's not fair to us."

If all goes according to plan, the developer would like to start building in 6 months

But for people like Keith, he's not interested in getting any new neighbors.

"There's already bootleg gunshot firing in the woods now and that's a nuisance," said Keith.  "To make it legal would disrupt our neighborhood."

The group has gathered hundreds of signatures on a petition against the proposal.  They plan to submit that petition to Pender County Commissioners on Monday night during a public hearing to discuss this issue. 

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