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Shoving match cuts Darton softball doubleheader short


It was supposed to be a doubleheader between two top 20 softball teams, but it ended in ugly fashion.

A doubleheader between Darton State and Chipola College ended before Game 2 after coaches from both teams got into a shoving match.

It all started when Chipola's coaches argues a defensive shift Darton was using against Chipola's slappers was illegal.

The coaches argued the players were switching positions and Darton should have to report it each time.

The argument got physical after Darton coaches say Chipola coach Jimmy Hendrix poked Lady Cavalier Assistant Coach Gene Dews in the chest.

"We were trying to be diplomatic and explain to them what the rules actually say, and [Hendrix] put his hands on [Dews]," says Darton Head Coach David Dews. "You know, there were some shoves back and forth and we broke it up, and that's that."

Chipola coaches did not want to comment but say they did not touch or shove anyone first.

Chipola left the field without playing the second game of the doubleheader.

Darton police responded to the scene at the request of Chipola's coaches who wanted to report it.

Dews says he doesn't believe any disciplinary action will come from the incident.

The two teams are scheduled to play again at Chipola on April 6, but both coaches say that game will not happen.

Chipola won Game 1, 8-0.

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