Gas Prices FOREVER High In Wilmington

This will not be the first time I've touched on this problem. It's been with us a long time. Like *not* having a lottery, when all the states adjacent to us do, draining off our money to fix up their problems, and the lawmakers in Raleigh appearring not to notice.

The question you hear on a lot of people's lips, whether they live here or are just visiting, is: Why do gas prices here soar over those of any city in the state? They do, you know. You can pay as low as a dollar-seventy-two per gallon without having to drive very far, whereas in Wilmington the price is pushing a dollar-ninety, for "regular." Why do we shell out nearly 20 cents a gallon more for our gas, often at stations in the same company, as, say someone up the road?

This is where the tank farms are! Trucks pull out of here, maybe right past one of our gas stations, hauling their product, say, a couple of hundred miles, and it sells there cheaper than it does here. Does that make sense? Of course, one hears the argument that this is a resort area, and things just cost more, but that line of reasoning doesn't hold much water. Wilmington is where a lot of us live—we aren't just vacationing. We pay through the nose for our gas compared to other Tar Heel cities, simply because—we will. And we seem not to have much choice.