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My Turn: The absence of the facts fuels the rumor mill

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I often tell people who work here not to do anything I can't publicly defend them on.

That's the position Wilmington's police chief finds himself in this week. Chief Ralph Evangelous has said a botched police sting last year on prostitution and drugs is a mess.

There are questions about what went down, how the money for the operation was used and what happened to a camera police used to record these activities.  It's gone missing.  Making it worse, no one spoke up for months.  The chief calls it a code of silence.

Unfortunately, with some people, there's already an inherent distrust in police officers, and this doesn't help. 

But, the chief's hands are not tied here.  He can and should say more about who was disciplined and how, plus show what the department's internal investigation revealed on how this operation failed.

There's a state law that allows municipalities to release this type of information if they need to maintain the integrity of the department.

It's been my experience that the absence of the facts only fuels the rumor mill.  And in most cases that information is more damning than the truth.  Chief Evangelous and our city leaders should consider that.

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