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Motorcycle rider killed pulling out of own driveway

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Motorcycle rider killed pulling out of own driveway Motorcycle rider killed pulling out of own driveway

BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WECT) –  Friends and family members spent Wednesday remembering Rodney Shyron Robinson.

The 44-year-old was killed Tuesday night, when authorities say the motorcyclist pulled out of his own driveway at 4915 Natmore Road into the path of a truck driver.

"I was shocked, it's heartbreaking and it just touched home with me," said Micheal Ballard, "He was like a big brother to me."

Authorities say the truck driver will not be charged and that speed was not a factor, still friends and neighbors say Natmore Road is too dangerous.

They say cars and trucks drive too fast down the curvy road.

"They will pass you on a curve, they will pass you on double yellow lines, it's like a game of tag to them and it's too dangerous," said Audrey Stone, whose daughter lives on the road. She says because of blind spots, it's difficult to even pull out of her daughters driveway, especially when trucks are going fast.

"You have to stop, and everybody rolls down the window and we listen," said Stone. "I've almost been hit a couple of times."

Ballard says he worries every time his seven-year-old steps out side to play or even wait at the bus stop, a few feet away from the road.

"It's dangerous, I don't let him in the yard by himself, not unless I'm here with him," said Ballard.

The speed limit is 55 mph, but there aren't any signs indicating it. There is only one sign on each side of the Natmore Road between Rt. 11 and Rt. 53. It reads 45 mph, telling drivers to slow down at the curve.

"Speed limit signs should be posted," said Stone. "For people with blind driveways, those should be posted as well."

She's hoping something is done soon, before another life is lost.

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