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My Turn: What's the definition of sequester?

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I hadn't really thought much about the word sequester until recently when it started showing up in the news related to the federal budget cuts. 

It's funny how things in Washington work.  They come up with crazy descriptions to vaguely identify what's really going on.  Don't you love terms like quantitative easing and fiscal cliff?

But back to that word, sequester.  The only place I've been even vaguely familiar with that word had to do with keeping a jury isolated from outside influences.  So I looked sequester up in the dictionary in an attempt to find the real meaning.  And that wasn't very helpful.  The primary meaning of that word has do to with setting something apart. 

I thought for a moment the good old Merriam-Webster was letting me down.  But then I found it.  Definition #3:  "to hold in solution usually by inclusion in an appropriate coordination complex" 

Huh?  If that doesn't sound like "Washington speak," nothing does. 

So here's my take.  I think these folks are crying out to us that they need to be sequestered until they can learn to work together and come up with some real solutions. 

In plain English, they need to learn how to govern.

That's my turn.  Now it's your turn.  To comment on this segment, or anything else, email me at


Emailed comments from viewers:

Good segment.

The only problem is the Tea Party has no intention of governing. Their mission is to destroy.


I agree that they all need to be sequestered until they come up with a viable solution but I also believe that if they cut our resources then theirs should be cut also and by a much larger margin.

They should also be forced to live a month or even a week in an average or below average person's life style, where they have to do their job, live where they live and only get their pay and see how they like the real world.


I heard your comments on tonight's news cast. You said almost  everything I have said in recent days and I applaud you for It. I only have one more thing to add. I think that we should suspend pay for Congress and the President and Vice President until they do their jobs and make the tough budget decisions necessary to get this Country back on track. They are not doing the job that they are paid to do. The rest of working Americans would be fired for this. Since that is not an option to fire entire Executive and Congressional Branches of Government I make the suggestion of pay suspension. Maybe then the U.S. House of Representatives wouldn't take a three day weekend instead of staying in Washington and addressing the Financial problems that are increasing threatening this great Country and our very freedom. Thank You For Your Comments, A proud and concerned US Citizen

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