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Oak Island gets new software after $200k discrepancy in property tax reports

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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) - The Town of Oak Island is working to make changes to its accounting software.  This move comes after town officials noticed a $200,000 discrepancy in their property tax reports from 2012.

According to Mayor Betty Wallace, the software that the town's accounting department was using has been outdated for years.

Wallace said when the town received partial payments for property taxes, the software was not reporting them correctly. The system was not written to handle the various for which Oak Island bills such as property taxes, along with sewer district fees, waste water fees, and water fees, and solid waste fees.

Wallace says that any partial payments received should have been applied to property tax bills first, but the software in place was applying those payments to sewer district lines instead.

Wallace said residents who pay taxes in Oak Island shouldn't be concerned and that nobody's property taxes were misplaced. There was simply an issue in reporting those payments that they are now working to correct.

The town plans to bring in a newer, updated software to handle all the payments as they come in.

According to Wallace, Oak Island was late on delivering their financial reports to auditors due to the problems created by the outdated software.  Those reports were due at the end of December.

Wallace said the town of Oak Island is making the final corrections to the billing errors right now, however, and the auditor's report should be finished in the next few weeks.

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