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Poll: NC favors tighter gun control laws

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NORTH CAROLINA (WECT) – A recent poll conducted by Elon University shows more than half of North Carolina residents favor tighter gun control laws.

According to the poll, nine out of 10 people say they support background checks and nearly as many support waiting periods before citizens can buy handguns and banning the sale of semi-automatic assault rifles.

Furthermore, the study shows about half of those surveyed are in favor of limiting the number of rounds of ammunition in clips or magazines.

Poll statistics revealed Democrats, women, African Americans, and poll respondents with college degrees or higher were the most supportive of the measures, according to Elon.

According to the poll, 91 percent of Republicans support background checks and waiting periods, but oppose banning assault rifles and limiting the number of rounds in a magazine.

"Support for background checks and waiting periods before purchasing a gun is very broad in North Carolina, but proposals to ban certain types of guns or large capacity magazines is less appealing to many citizens," said Elon University Poll director Kenneth Fernandez.

According to Elon, the live-caller telephone poll was conducted Feb. 24-28, 2013 and has a margin of error of 3.28 percentage point. 891 residents were called in the poll.

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