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Gas price roller coaster ride

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It's the gas price gamble - prices that can be so varied you're rolling the dice when you pull up to the pump in one place not knowing what you'll find down the block. An eleven cent spread on one corner and it gets more extreme.

"30 cents from here to Tiedeman and then to Speedway - He's competing with the place across the street," said Dan Umstott of Brook Park. 

According to AAA - The average price for a gallon of gas in Ohio $3.74. Nationally - people are paying a penny more at $3.75 a gallon. The prices we found near Parma and Brook Park considerably lower, but in some other places you'll pay about that much.

So why are we seeing such record high prices at the beginning of the year? AAA says it's because refineries have decreased production for maintenance and upgrades.

But drivers still scratch their heads and wonder why?

"I think sometimes it's difficult to understand some of the reasons why prices are moving up and down when you know that these folks have already paid for what's in the ground. I try not to focus on that even though I'm missing the logic there," added Michael Jeans of Grafton.

Imagine being the little guy who is trying to stay in business.

"The gasoline I have in the ground I paid $3.72 for, and I'm selling it for $3.57. I'm losing money but in order to stay in business I have to do it," says Bill Prymas, who owns the Shell station at Snow and Smith Roads.

So everyone should buckle up and get ready for a rough ride, because there's no telling where the prices will go next. There's only hope that things will get better - but by how much?

"Once they got it up there, they are going to keep it. They are the ones making the money. Why are they going to give it back?" added Umstott.

We'll just have to shop around and see.

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