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Neighbors goaded over goat problem

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) – A dispute over farm animals has neighbors on Silva Terra Drive arguing.  Rodger Pridgen lives two houses down from the owner of eight pet goats.  Pridgen says the animals are annoying and the smell they produce is unbearable. 

"The goats don't belong here," said Pridgen.  "They belong on a farm somewhere, not in Silva Terra."

The problem is, Pridgen can't do anything about it.  When he moved in, he was given a list of rules from the Register of Deeds.  It states that livestock is not allowed on Silva Terra Drive.  However, there are no laws against housing livestock in New Hanover County. 

"Something should be done about the whole deal," said Pridgen.  "It's really gotten way past stupid with these goats."

County ordinance trumps the list of rules given by the Register of Deeds.  Therefore, Pridgen is alone in his fight. 

"I guess I've made a good enemy," said Pridgen.  "He's really defensive about his goats, so what can I say."

According to the New Hanover County Sheriff's Office, Pridgen could file a complaint and the goat owner could get a citation for breaking the county's nuisance ordinance.  However, Pridgen says he plans to hire a lawyer to take this matter to court.

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