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NEW: Police sting that led to internal investigation took place nearly a year ago

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – The Wilmington Police Department announced this week it has concluded an investigation into officer conduct relating to an operation into drugs and prostitution. The investigation determined officers violated proper procedure for the acceptable use of alcohol on the operation, but that no laws were broken.

Today, WECT.com has learned the operation under question actually took place in March of last year, nearly one year ago.

WECT.com has also learned three citizens were cited for prostitution last March in connection with the operation.

The three cited were Luana Adkins, 31, April Campbell, 31, and Lauren Crocker, 26. Adkins and Campbell were cited on March 16 at 11:45 p.m. and Crocker was cited on March 17 at 3 a.m. All three were cited in the vicinity of Wrightsville Ave. and Oleander Dr./Military Cutoff.

According to police department spokeswoman Lucy Crockett, the internal audit also showed officers violated guidelines for documenting cash used during an undercover operation.

The WPD would not elaborate on the nature of the violations.

The investigation came about to look into possible violations of policy and procedures during an undercover operation conducted several months ago by the Narcotics Enforcement Unit.

"We're constantly reviewing our operations to insure that we're performing with integrity, in accordance with the law and established best practices. We have a great group of officers, but sometimes they make mistakes. When that happens, we take appropriate action," said Chief Ralph Evangelous.

The WPD will not say if any disciplinary action was taken against any officer involved.

Meredith Everhart, an attorney with the city, said the department is not able to release specific details on the operation or "any disciplinary action that may or may not have occurred as a result of the investigation because that is all part of an internal investigation that is protected by the Personnel Privacy Act."

District Attorney Ben David said he has requested more information from the police department about the investigation. He said he is interested in learning the names of the officers involved because something like this could impact their credibility when testifying in a criminal case.

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