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Brunswick seniors fight to stop sequestration

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT) -- As the countdown to the sequester quickly approaches, one non-profit agency in our area is taking action.

The Brunswick County Senior Center is offering assistance for seniors to make their voices heard, using online advocacy forms that will be sent to our state senators. 

If the sequester goes through, multiple government agencies could see massive cuts in their federal funding.

According to the NC Division of Aging and Adult Services, about 1,300 seniors in North Carolina could lose services completely.

The Brunswick County Senior Center could have to scale back as much as a 5.1% of their budget, resulting in the loss of several services including "meals on wheels," in home aide services, transportation services, among others.

Senior Center Director Susan Whitley says they are doing whatever they can to stop the sequestration.  "The Brunswick County Commissioners are committed to serving seniors in our area," said Whitley.  "They provide the extra support our seniors need."

Even with the support of local politicians, Whitley says its important for them to encourage seniors to advocate for themselves. 

The form they are advocating includes a letter that will be sent to state Senators Richard Burr and Kay Hagan.

Individuals can also sign standard form letters available at the senior center.

Officials hope that if enough people send a letter, they can make a difference and prevent the sequester from cutting their services before it's too late.

For senior citizens like Yvonne Moody, shutting down the senior center would be unthinkable.  "I don't know where all the money is going," said Moody.  "But I feel like this is an important place to put it."

The Brunswick County Senior Center will continue to send letters to state leaders through Friday.

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