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My Turn: Using town resources to complete unauthorized projects

Don't you want to live in a community where neighbors help their neighbors; where a disabled person can get a wheelchair ramp fixed out of the kindness of others; where someone clears another neighbors' property with heavy equipment? 

Sounds pretty good to me.  But here's the problem.  When those acts are done at taxpayers' expense, and this type of benevolence is not extended equally to everyone, we have an issue.

That's what our news team appears to have uncovered in the town of Navassa.  After initially claiming ignorance, the mayor of Navassa admitted to us he had lied, and now the SBI is investigating.

Now, I appreciate what the mayor was trying to do.  He was showing some neighborly love.  But I have a better idea.   Lead the effort to raise the money in the community.  Gather the tools, organize the volunteer help…. and get the job done.

But don't assign staff to do this work on their own time. That's one "good" deed that doesn't deserve another.

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