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Millions of dollars in delinquent property taxes

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) – More than 6,000 properties with delinquent tax payments result in $7.2 million and counting, according to the current New Hanover County tax rolls.

Those properties have collected interested since the day after the January 5 deadline earlier this year.

Some property owners that grabbed the attention of include New Hanover County School Board member Janice Cavenaugh. When reached for a comment, she told that she had no idea the properties she owns with her husband were behind on more than $4,000.

"I truly didn't know, and I plan to take care of this matter immediately," she said.

Riverfront Holdings II, a company owned by local developer Chuck Schoninger, also appeared on the list for several properties totaling close to $30,000.

A representative for the company followed up with to mention some of the bills have been balanced. Roughly $25,000 remains, but he pointed out that the company has already paid almost $145,000 so far.

The company rep added that there was some confusion over who was receiving the bills, but now the business is taking a proactive approach to cover all of its payments.

*An update to this story since it was first reported. Riverfront Holdings II now holds a 0 balance with the New Hanover County tax office.

On second review of the provided list of tax payers, found Carolina Beach Councilman Steve Shuttleworth still owes roughly $4,200. 

When contacted, Shuttleworth said he is aware of the amount and he's currently negotiating a short sale with his lender. The elected leader said he's always paid his taxes in New Hanover County and he will continue to do so.

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