City Council Makes Right Decision

Wilmington City Council has come out of the waffle iron, at last, and has shown some progressiveness. I am talking about last night's unanimous vote to rezone some downtown land, specifically 42 acres abutting the riverfront on the city center's north end. It was zoned "light manufacturing;" it is now zoned "central business district." To my knowledge there has never been any light manufacturing in the area—at least since the 1800's—but rather was home to a shipping company dealing in bulk cargo, and home to a rather sprawling railroad yard and passenger train station.

It now can become home to Pharmaceutical Product Development Company, known as "PPD," and an anchor to downtown development of land that is now pretty much fallow. "PPD" wants to come back to the urban scene, from the scrub pines vista of Independence Boulevard , and downtown, particularly the service sector, especially restaurants, wants it back. The south end of downtown is not a likely candidate for development because there's not much open land there, and what there is consists largely of backyards and backyard jungles of the fine old houses—some of them mansions—on South Front Street . Opening the North Front Street riverfront to development is logical and desirable. Who knows?  It might hasten reality of a convention center.