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Your Turn: Moped driver gives his side

By: David Walen

Mopeds are defined by a State Revenue statute as 50cc's or less and not to exceed 30 mph on level ground.  This standard defies logic.  Suppose, for example, a 250 pound person is riding as opposed to a 100 pound person? The speed fluctuates greatly.

I own six vintage mopeds and drive them routinely along with hundreds of other owners. The speed limitation defeats the ability to blend with traffic and is downright dangerous to riders.

I propose that along with registration and insurance the definition of a moped be modified to 150cc motors and the speed limit removed in order to safely keep up with the flow of traffic. Currently mopeds can be placed into extremely dangerous situations by low speed and acceleration limits.

And please; let's get off the hatred kick folks.  Keep a daily log when you drive.  I would be willing to wager that the times when you are actually inconvenienced or slowed by a moped would be about one hundredth of the times you are put into worse situations by a car or truck pulling out in front of you, changing lanes or driving so slow that mopeds are passing them like they are standing still. 

Lastly, moped riders - be courteous and aware of those around you. Do not operate your "ped" in a manner you aren't comfortable with. The answer to the question "does that car see me?" is ALWAYS NO.    

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