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Officials meet to discuss overcrowding at local elementary school

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NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - New Hanover County School Board leaders are talking about a plan to deal with overcrowding at Wrightsville Beach Elementary School at a meeting Tuesday night.

One plan under consideration would reassign students within the Airlie Road area from Wrightsville to Bradley Creek Elementary School and place mobile classroom units at Bradley Creek.

Wrightsville Beach Elementary has 348 students although the building is only supposed to hold 130.

In September 2012, the Board of Education approved spending money to install mobile classroom units at Wrightsville Beach Elementary. The students who will occupy the mobile units are currently being taught at Wrightsville Beach Baptist Church. They can only stay at the church for one year, due to Wrightsville Beach town code.

School leaders wanted to add three mobile units to the elementary school. However, Wrightsville Beach town aldermen only approved adding two to the school at a recent meeting.

Aldermen were reportedly concerned about security of students in the mobile units and wanted a more permanent solution to the problem.

Wrightsville Beach town leaders also said adding mobile units would cause more traffic issues due to the school being overcrowded. They said many parents drop off and pick up students, which leads to backups on Causeway Drive.

That's why school board members are looking at other options.

Taking a closer look at the issue, school leaders said placing the mobile units at Bradley Creek may be cheaper than using them at Wrightsville Beach due to costs associated with soil conditions and the need for flood insurance.

However, school board members debated the redistricting option. Some parents are not happy about this option.

School leaders stress this is just a proposal. They won't vote on any plan to deal with overcrowding until a later meeting.

They want to meet with aldermen to see if they can work together toward a solution.

Still, dozens of Wrightsville Beach Elementary parents are at the meeting to hear the discussion about the options.

There will be a public comment session on this issue at the board's March 5 meeting.

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