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My Turn: Why do sovereign citizens think they are above the law?

This country was built on protest.  We like to debate, argue and sometimes fight for our beliefs. But our news department had an eye-opening report this week on a growing concern in the law enforcement community.  It involves sovereign citizens.

I have to admit I had not heard of this group until recently.  A chase late last year through Brunswick County involving a woman who demanded money from 911 in order to pull over got my attention.  I thought it was kind of funny at the time.  But I've come to learn that this is a serious situation.

It turns out this woman doesn't believe she's a citizen.  She doesn't believe the rules apply to her.  And we are learning there are many people out there just like her.  This is more than just someone grumbling about the government.  These folks believe they belong to their own separate government.

The irony I find in all of this is that if we travel to a foreign land, we are required to follow that country's laws.  So why should any of these sovereign citizens expect anything different here? 

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Emailed comments from viewers:

Listen over the past few days I have heard you rant and rave about these people. Frankly your fanning the flames of a fringe group.

These people are not terrorists. Most of them do follow the law however do not adhere to Admiralty law the follow common law. 

For you to shine a so called light on these people is wrong because frankly your persecution gives them a platform.

I myself am not nor would I ever consider myself a member of this group However some of their arguments are sound in law.

Honestly if it were not so they would not have a recourse nor a right to bring charges and law suites on officials such as judges and cops.

To state you dislike these people for not paying taxes is bogus because God knows if you could get away with it you would as well.

The law will deal with these folks in time I say you have no place in demonising people because of their civil rights views.

What is next Christians who disagree with Obama? C'mon I know you guy's pick and choose the stories you decide to talk about.

Frankly I find your hatred of people you do not understand distasteful.I am moving from my home state very soon to leave you DC lovers behind

Because I have voted and fought against many things in this state that is wrong such as the fluoride poison in the waters you fail to bring up.

I came from the western part of the state and you folks on the coast seem so preocupied with the wrong things and refuse to report the right things.

I am proud of my family and friends However I am not proud of the way this state is going.I'm going somewhere where the constitution and rights and liberties still matter.


I agree with your commentary.

However, it's only a baby step from Sovereign Citizens to the Tea Party who wants to return to 1776.

They expound the virtues of the founding fathers but forget the founding fathers provided us with the ability to make new laws and new amendments. As such, the Constitution became a living document. This allows the US to change with time. Slavery ended, women can vote, etc.

We cannot return to 1776 and I doubt I our founding fathers would want that. We need to live where all the new laws and amendments have landed us. We need to live in 2013. It's a shame the Tea Party can't understand this.


Maybe they believe freedom , how can one man tell another man how to live their life , only god can judge u .

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