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LINC Foundation takes homeless off the streets; back to work

© Monday night, clients at the LINC Foundation participate in a yoga class. © Monday night, clients at the LINC Foundation participate in a yoga class.

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - One local non-profit agency is taking a dangerous risk; giving hard nosed ex-criminals a chance to get off the cold streets and get back to work.

The LINC Foundation (Leading Into New Communities) is empowering individuals with criminal histories to make positive life choices, allowing them to become productive members of the community.

LINC provides services that meet the immediate needs of ex-offenders, such as shelter, food, and clothing. 

LINC also provides services to further facilitate their reintegration into the community thus Leading Into New Communities.

In order to participate in the program, clients must follow a set of guidelines.

While actively looking for a job, participants must take an array of classes on subjects like personality development and substance abuse.  Clients must also work on a local farm owned by the foundation.

Frankie Roberts, with the LINC Foundation says the program is more than just getting people off the streets on a cold night, they hold people accountable.

"We as a society feel that homeless people want us to feel sorry for them, but they don't," said Roberts.  "They want you to hold them accountable because that's where the success lies.  That's why we require you to do certain things, like work.  If you don't work, you don't eat!"

Upon completion of the 18 month course, graduates have the opportunity to rent part of a five bedroom suite in downtown Wilmington.

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